Making Walworth more active!

We hope you enjoyed our finale film!

Please scroll down through the blog to see more information on the people and projects ACTive Walworth has supported, we hope you are as inspired as we have been, and that this blog acts as a useful resource for you to help make your community more active!

ACTive Walworth is an InSpire project funded by the Community Learning Innovation Fund

Copy_of_inpire_1_logo  Community One Line

“Be the change you wish to see” Mahatma Gandhi


My names Alice Moore and I am the Project Manager for ACTive Walworth. I was given this role because 5 years ago I identified a need in my community and set about trying to address that need in the form of a drama provision for young people in Walworth, South East London.

Gandhi’s quote above was instrumental in the early days of “Real Drama“, it motivated me and inspired me to do just that; I had the passion, integrity and ideas but no money and no space, without the support and investment from InSpire in the form of in kind room hire, Real Drama would have remained just that, an idea. With that support and the support of other local organisations such as Community Action Southwark and Volunteer Centre Southwark (now ACTive Walworth partners) we are now a registered charity who have worked with over 500 local young people.

ACTive Walworth an InSpire project, funded by the NIACE – Community Learning Innovation Fund aims to support people like me in identifying the needs of their communities and being equipped with the knowledge, skills, contacts and resources they need to actively address those needs, through training, support and networks.

This blog will tell you how we support grass roots voluntary community engagement, what the outcomes of that engagement are and why it is important to our learners and to the wider Walworth community. This blog will also act as a sustainable resource for the learners and community and anyone wanting to replicate or learn from our model. We hope you enjoy reading about what we have achieved!

Alice Moore

ACTive Walworth Project Manager

ACTive Walworth logo

Below are some resources we hope you find useful – click on the links to download them:

ACTive Walworth – Project agreement pack ACTive Walworth bespoke support plan term 2 ACTive Walworth Diary term 1 CLIF data collection guidance for July 2013 (final) InSpire Marketing Material Distribution Map List of partners and contacts mapped out at first forum Project work plan (Feb Review) Project work plan (Jul Review)

For financial information and anything not covered in this blog please contact us:

Finally here are some words of wisdom/encouragement!

  • Recruit your team from the community
  • Harness local resources – they need the people as much, if not more than the people need them, you will be amazed at what resources people will donate
  • Be really flexible and adaptable – bespoke support was essential
  • Be an enabler – so that people may empower themselves
  • Create meaningful partnerships – what do they want, what do you want, is there potential to swap/share resources
  • Be creative and shameless – beg borrow and steal (don’t steal!)
  • Where there is a will there is a way
  • Believe in the power of community
  • The possibilities are endless
  • You will be amazed what people will do for you if they believe in your integrity
  • Trust the community to lead and deliver, people work better if they are given freedom and trust
  • Break bread with your neighbours – food sourced and cooked locally for your events is a perfect way of making new friends, learning about new cultures and feeling the love!
  • Eliminate hierarchy with phrases like “for us by us” the staff and volunteers need to be as engaged and supportive of an active community as the learners and participants

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