An Eritrean Feast

photo 1Attendance for ACTive Walworth’s second forum was far lower than anticipated but as we’re always eager to let no opportunity go to waste we headed out on to the Walworth Road to invite passers by to sample the Eritrean cuisine cooked by ACTive Walworthers Azeb and Ettore.

photo 4We set up a pay-what-you-can system and kept the cafe open until 9pm. We had residents of all backgrounds visit the Crypt Cafe to try the injera and take boxes home to their families.

Azeb is new to Walworth, she moved here from Italy and is of Eritrean decent, she has struggled with the cultural changes and missing her friends and family. Through a recommendation from 2InSpire (where her son attended a youth project) she discovered InSpire and the ACTive Walworth project. It quickly transpired that Azebs passions were in food and cooking and that in order for her to create work opportunity here she would need to expand her skills and gain some training in this area. Azeb joined the food and gardening project at InSpire (the legacy of this project can be seen here) with the promise that once she had received her training she would volunteer her catering services for the ACTive Walworth events. We offered to pay her for her materials including some business cards and flyers and to promote her wonderful, authentic and traditional catering to Walworth in the hope that she would be able to expand her networks and business.

Azeb has gained a lot from her engagement with InSpire and her wider community through ACTive Walworth – she has made new friends and business contacts and has received support from other local service providers.


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