Mural & Planting

IMG_1160Sunday July 14th saw the culmination and delivery of ACTive Walworth’s mini project (here, here and here) bringing together residents of Walworth to meet and socialise whilst creating something for the area.

Co-ordinated by gardener Darren Gibson and artist Simon Veis of Art In The Park, the day was a great success with residents from East Street and Northchurch of all ages coming together in the sunshine to plant flowers in the disused flowerbeds and paint a mural along the length of the blank Northchurch wall.


Before the work, the flowerbeds were mostly clay, weed-ridden and the wall behind it had been neglected for years.


Afterwards the soil has been turned over with fresh compost, new plants, shrubs and flowers have been planted – including a pear tree – and the wall has been painted.


A view of the Northchurch wall before the mural:


And after:


Some thoughts from residents on the day:

“I’ve lived here for 12 years and never seen so many kids out in this space”

“This has made such a difference to the area it’s great to see so many people coming together”

“I’ve just spoken to a neighbour from two doors away  – who I’ve never spoken to before!”

“I want to paint hopscotch on the paving slabs and bring some tree stumps out for parents to sit on so the kids can have somewhere safe to play”

Some more photos from the day:

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One thought on “Mural & Planting

  1. Darren Gibson says:

    Active walworth needs to stay alive somehow, i suggest we all meet and brainstorm ways in which to do this, i hate the idea of it stopping for good even its name is so apt, ‘Active Walworth’ its got such a ring to it. Lets beg borrow and get creative. One last thing, “A.W” ROCKS!!!!!!

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