Shereen Lincoln


Shereen moved to West Walworth from North London over 15 years ago and became involved in Inspire’s many community activities. During one training session she noticed ACTive Walworth’s flyer and initially thinking of the benefits it could bring a young man she was supporting in her community, attended the open meeting at the start of ACTive Walworth’s second term. Realising that there was also a lot of support available for her own project ‘Living As Your Hero’ she has made use of the resources ACTive Walworth can offer in tandem with the support ACTive Walworth offered her friend.

“On a morale boosting note, [ACTive Walworth] believing in me with a lot of enthusiasm came at the right time. I was going through a bit of a slump with my project and when I came to talk about it the energy, enthusiasm and motivating energy I felt from the team – particularly Ali was just infectious. That kick-started a new era with what I wanted to do with the project. At that time I had an accident and could feel the slump fast approaching again but Ali’s flexibility and inclusive nature was amazing. Along with creative meetings on the phone and emails back and forth she came to visit me a number of times which kept my flame of hope in the project alive and kept my own well-being going. I felt I could still do bite-sized things even when I was housebound. On a practical note I’ve done some volunteering for the forum at InSpire which was great to do, I really wanted to repay a debt of gratitude. With direct relation to my project; the printing of my book has been funded and a film maker has been sourced to help create some of the supporting material to promote the aims of the project. In terms of fast forwarding to the future the two products that are now available can really expand my work, so ACTive Walworth has helped enormously there.”

The funding for Shereen’s guide (pictured above) is already leading on to further opportunities:

“I now have a very interested partner who is the Learning and Training Officer of the Hampshire Constabulary who wishes to disseminate [Living As Your Hero] to the police so we’re now devising how this can be tweaked for a new approach. I strongly think having the book that she can look at and hold rather than view on a screen has helped. Leading on from that there is an IT degree that works with young people who are interested in devising the app for Living As Your Hero. So it’s moving slowly but deeply.”

For more information on Shereen’s project including details of how to order your copy of Living As Your Hero go to


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