Latin American Club Event

FlagOn the 8th of  June ACTive Walworth supported a promotional event for Luis Curay’s Latin American Club, a football tournament held in Burgess Park for the local Latin American community.

We provided funding for a glorious barbecue and made a short film of the event, some stills of which can be seen here. As communication due to language barriers can prove challenging the idea was to help Luis and his community to raise awareness of their club with a website and film that would act as a tool for fundraising, recruitment and PR so that the project may continue for many years to come.


Luis has been running the tournament since 1999 to great success, earlier this year ACTive Walworth nominated Luis for the Volunteer of the Year at the Southwark Stars Awards for his work in supporting the Latin American community in London and his efforts to aid integration – which he won of course! Congratulations Luis!


The film shot by Nadine Davis is still in production but will be up on Luis website soon, but for now have a browse around Luis’s new website created by ACTive Walworth: and keep an eye out for the film!

Girl and her Dog


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