Airat Adeyeye

AiratAirat Adeyeye and her son care for her husband, their role in his life is both instrumental and essential to his happiness and ability to function. This experience coupled with her voluntary work with elderly members of her Mosque helped her to identify a need within her community. Airat realised that many elderly, less mobile people need basic support with life administration such as personal finance and utility bill payments as well as help with accessing the services available to them.

The safety officer at Airat’s mosque introduced her to ACTive Walworth in February 2013 and we have been assisting her with safeguarding certification, training with Voluntary Befrienders Services and have assisted with finding space at Southwark Resource Centre for monthly meetings with her partners.

We have also helped with start up payments for a new phone and stationary including flyers for her service.

Essential VBS (Airat flyer)“[ACTive Walworth] have supported me a great deal because I was not aware of how to take care of elderly people, but when I got here they started helping me straight away. They introduced me to Volunteer Befrienders, learning how to ask questions, how to offer advice, how to help the elderly live comfortably.

I now know my limits with elderly people because of the guidance. I know not to go beyond what I have the training for.

They have helped me to feel a part of the local community because some of the  elderly people I visit live in Walworth so I have got to know more of the community by physically visiting and spending time in the area”


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