Free Sound Therapy for Walworth

Otto image for websiteOtto Haddad’s Sound Therapy sessions are now underway at InSpire.

Sound Therapy is an ancient practice which aims to align us with our harmonic frequencies to heal body, mind and spirit. As part of his case studies to obtain a
Professional Diploma of Group Sound Therapy from ‘The British Academy of Sound Therapy’, Otto is offering a variety of FREE Group Sound Therapy sessions.

These Group Sound Therapy sessions are open to adults.

Here is what is scheduled for the next month:

Drum Circles
June 28th: 5.30pm– 7.30pm                                                                    Drum Therapy is an ancient and powerful tool that has been proven through scientific research to boost the immune system and reduce stress and anxiety.

Are you attracted to the power of the drums and want to learn to use them to improve your health and aid your personal transformation?

Do you have difficulties expressing yourself through voice and want to release your emotions and express your creativity?

The drum journey might then be the right session for you to have fun and transform.

July 12th, 19th, 26th: 5.30pm– 7.30pm
Conflict resolution, confidence building, communication and life-limiting belief systems all can be worked with during these transformative sessions. These narrative sessions are linked together and we strongly recommend you to attend all of the three sessions if you want to get all the therapeutic benefits.

For further information, dates and bookings
please contact:
Othman Haddad (Otto)
(+44) 0750 6303 328
Facebook: Otto Sound Therapy

Some recent testimonials include:

“Thank you so much. THAT WAS OTHERWORLDLY AMAZING. Will definitely participate again”

“Thank you very much . Great, but even more I felt the vibrations. Feeling more serene”

“Thanks Otto I found it healing and meditative”

“Amazing experience…I feel so relaxed & spacey! Otto has a wonderful calm & gentle presence, I look forward to the next one”

“Fabulously relaxing, calming and mind opening”SoundBath12042013 001



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