East Street Consultation

NorthchurchOne notable outcome from the ACTive Walworth forum was the strong sense that non – Aylesbury residents are feeling overlooked in terms of the work Inspire and others do in the community. There was also a discernible concern that residents aren’t aware of who many of their neighbours are.

With this in mind, consultation began today with residents of East Street focusing on the area north of the market before the Thurlow Street intersection. We asked residents if they had concerns regarding their immediate vicinity and what they would like to see happen to address this. ACTive Walworth will fund and deliver a mini project by the end of July 2013 based on the issues raised.

We heard a lot of concerns involving poor street lighting, high levels of litter at weekends and a general lack of safety. An idea suggested was to make use of the concrete space the housing surrounds (pictured above) so that the residents could get together, meet and support one another. Local police could use this space to meet residents and begin to forge relationships with the community. Ideas for the space could be a mural, some gardening space, maybe some seating for children and adults to spend some time outdoors in.

ACTive Walworth will be meeting the T&RAs and housing officer for the Northchurch block that runs the length of the space to look into possibilities for the area.

We will keep you posted on developments as they occur!


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