IMG_8586Every winter for the past 8 years InSpire has funded and coordinated a special community event: The InSpire Lantern Parade. Our resident lantern making expert delivers workshops with different community groups including; mother and toddlers groups, schools, mental health and disability groups, youth groups, pensioners groups, tenants and resident associations, adventure playgrounds and drop in sessions for all members of the community, they learn how to make and decorate beautiful willow lanterns.

Some weeks later once everyone has made their lanterns we meet back at InSpire for some soup, once everyone has their lanterns they are lit up with candles. Accompanied by local young Columbian drummers and dancers we hit our local streets, singing, dancing, nattering and celebrating our community.

This year ACTive Walworth volunteers equipped with Safeguard and First Aid training obtained through the programme, were invaluable assisting the lantern tutors at workshops and stewarding the parade.


Nice one Walworth!!


InSpire Lantern Parade & ACTive Walworth Volunteers


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